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beno® Maternity Pillow

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Product description

beno® Maternity Pillow

1 Recommended pillow by midwives & designed by leading obstetricians ⭐

"This little miracle pillow is exactly what I needed during pregnancy 💙" - Jess G.

  • Comfortable & safe full body support
  • Prevents rolling onto your back
  • Relieves hip & back pain
  • Adjustable size for every trimester
  • Designed by obstetricians & midwives

Say goodbye to pregnancy pain causing restless nights, and experience total full-body comfort

  • Clinically-proven, crafted by obstetricians
  • Relieves uncomfortable hip & back pain
  • Noticeable difference in the first night
  • Adjustable size for every trimester

Finally Get The Comfy Sleep You Deserve

The #1 Recommended Pillow by Obstetricians & Midwives

Firmly Cradles Your Bump & Back

  • Comfortable & safe full body support
  • Keeps you in a comfy side-sleeping position
  • Relieves discomfort in your back & hips

93% Of Moms In The USA Experienced Better Sleep-Quality On The First Night

Make your pregnancy a little easier with a pillow that provides full-body comfort, so you can have the best sleep, every night

Dual Bump & Back Support

Beno cradles your precious bump and soothes your back with its firm grip so you can actually feel the pain relief. It also prevents you from rolling onto your back at night, whilst making side-sleeping actually comfortable

Relieves Aches & Pain

Specifically targeting your hips & back with it’s dual-wedge design, this pillow is made to relieve pregnancy pain throughout your whole body, by removing the pressure from your hips

Adjustable Size For Your Comfort

The beno maternity pillow includes a velcro strap to change the length of the pillow, making it the perfect fit for your size, throughout every trimester as your bump continues to grow


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