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Bearefoot™ Drifters

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Product description

Experience the natural freedom of going bearefoot with the Drifters — a water-resistant shoe with a grip that can take you anywhere, anytime and on any type of surface.

✔ Ultimate Comfort for Active Adventures

✔ Maximized Protection for Any Terrain

✔ Durable Grip for Extended Performance

Why go Bearefoot?

Most shoes end up causing pain.

Were the last shoes you bought as comfortable as they promised? Your typical shoe is not built for the natural configuration of your feet. They restrict movement, induce misalignments, and cause long-term pain. On the other hand, Bearefoot shoes are designed to restore your feet to their natural position so you feel stronger, more balanced, and painless.

A Bearestep Closer to Comfort & Health

Whether you hike, climb, run, surf, kayak, lift weights, or camp, experience real functionality for your endeavors. Watch your foot strength increase, enjoy comfort while reducing pain. Take a step closer to true health and comfort.

Go Back to Doing the Things you Love

Did you have to slow down on your the amount of adventures you take on because of residual pain? The outdoors brings us peace, don't let pain rob you from that. With Bearefoot do the things you love while you restore balance in your body & mind.

The Bliss of Floating on Clouds

Most shoes are heavy, bulky, and are not truly built for the outdoors. Utilize lightweight Polypropylene fabrics, these kicks makes it feel like there's nothing on! So when you're wearing Bearefoot shoes, your feet will feel like their actually barefoot!


Join the Movement!

Thousands of people are enjoying the luxury of going bearefoot! When it comes to your health, don't settle for less!

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