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Backnuzz Bionic Massager

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Product description

1 Massager Trusted by Experts 

Your Personal Masseuse! Instantly Ease Neck Pain And Trapezius Tension

Simulate real human hand massage

2 heat compress settings (107~118℉)

Massage multiple body parts

Massage on the go without any cords

Adjustable straps for a customized fit

“Since using Backnuzz massager, my back pain has significantly decreased and my posture has improved. It's like having a personal masseuse available anytime!"
Micheal Johnson-San Diego, CA

Are You Currently Experiencing These Issues?

Stiff and Painful Neck
Reason: Prolonged periods of sitting at work
Trapezius Muscle Pain
Reason: Lack of proper rest
Reason: Slow blood circulation in the neck and shoulders
Round Shoulders
Reason: Muscle imbalance between the trapezius and neck muscles

Backnuzz™ Is the Ultimate Solution For These Issues!

Simulate Real Human Hand Grasping and Kneading

Different from traditional massagers, we introduce innovative massage heads, perfectly simulating the soft touch and adjustable massage intensity of real human hands. With heat and wearable design, it offers deep relaxation while you work, study, watch TV, play games, or travel

Soften Fascia & Improve Circulation

Fascia—rich in nerve endings in and of itself—can entrap surrounding nerves, leading to radiculopathy and a host of painful consequences. Prolonged maintenance of the same neck position can slow circulation, leading to insufficient oxygen supply to the brain, causing symptoms such as a heavy head and decreased concentration. To solve these issues, Hilpert™ introduces two heating settings (104°F/111°F, equivalent to hot spring) to reduce stiffness in fascial tissues, improve circulation, and alleviate headaches.

Posture Correction with Every Session

Backnuzz™ is more than a massager, it's a tool for healthier posture. Regular use not only soothes but also helps restore muscle balance and realign your spine, promoting better posture to avoid hunchback.

One Machine Massages the Entire Body

With Backnuzz™, there's no need to buy another massager! Its size is not only suitable for the neck and shoulders but also for the arms, waist, calves, and thighs. The adjustable buckle straps can be fastened to any part of the body, freeing up your hands!

You'll Love These Thoughtful Details

What Make Backnuzz™ The #1 Massager

When it comes to technology, function, operation & convenience - Backnuzz™ is the best-in-class.

7,980+ Real Customers Recommended Backnuzz™

“I've tried various shiatsu-type massagers before, but they were often too rough for therapeutic relief. However, Backnuzz bionic massager, equipped with six massage heads, feels more natural and effective. Its contour allows easy placement under my neck, providing comfort while I lean back in my office chair. It's a very useful device for me, than any massage device!"
Brody Q. – Houston, TX

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