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Alpha Heat

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Meet Alpha Heat

Start Saving Money On Heating

Analysts predict energy costs are going to hit unprecedented levels. With energy costs higher than ever, it’s more important than ever to reduce our energy usage.

Meteorologists also predict an extremely cold winter – it might even be one of the coldest winters in decades.

Alpha Heat is an eco-friendly heating device, powerful enough to heat up any room in minutes. By using a combination of innovative nano-technology and unique materials, our ultra-compact portable heater rapidly heats up large spaces for a fraction of the cost. So you can save money and still stay warm.

Stay Warm and Slash Your Electric Bill

Covers Large Area

Overheating Protection


Innovative Heat Technology

Meet Alpha Heat

After months of development and thousands of beta tests, Alpha Heat was born. We found a solution for heating up large spaces effectively with very low consumption. And we’re now on a mission to spread the word about our latest invention.

Our new heating technology warms up any room at a fraction of the price. So you can save money, and save the environment.

Just plug it into any power outlet in your home, adjust the temperature, and Alpha Heat will keep you warm.

How Does It Work?

Alpha Heat uses a perpetual heat loop with improved nano-heating technology to rapidly produce warm air compared to other heating systems, covering rooms in a blanket of heat in minutes.

It’s safe, fast, and uses less power than other heaters, making it extremely energy-efficient.

Under controlled testing, our technology was 8x more efficient than traditional heaters. This means you can easily warm up rooms of all shapes and sizes for a fraction of the cost.

Say Goodbye To Bulky Heaters

Alpha Heat is small and compact, so you can easily move to whichever room is too cold. And thanks to the large coverage area, you can use it to heat living rooms, studies, bedrooms, or even the garage, making every space toasty and warm.

Simply plug in your Alpha Heat and press a button to start heating up your room immediately. It’s so quiet you might even forget it’s there!

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