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24-in-1 Screwdriver Set

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1 f424ba89 4733 4ec2 b5c7 6c99a8ce929e360 Rotary Cap

The rotary cap provides precise control and allows for easy one-hand operation, enhancing the efficiency of your work.

4 e67b9e9c 96c6 4113 ac2e 72ec9c693e89Aluminum Alloy Handle

Crafted with an aluminum alloy handle for comfortable use and a non-slip grip. The ergonomic design ensures a pleasant and fatigue-free experience during extended use.

3 cd024a1c 115f 4cf4 b919 6ff6cfbab9ccMagnetic Holder

The magnetic holder facilitates the easy replacement and changing of bits, enhancing the versatility of the screwdriver set.

4 e67b9e9c 96c6 4113 ac2e 72ec9c693e89Magnetic Tips

Magnetic tips with increased magnetism ensure a strong suction grip on the batch head, making it convenient for tasks that require precision.

5 ee013314 3f8b 46c5 8d19 089c392600cc24 Precision Screwdriver Bit

The set includes 24 precision screwdriver bits, carefully selected to match a wide variety of electronic equipment screws available in the market.


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1 93c52f1f da81 4aa5 84cd 97f6d26b63221 81081b43 234b 4194 a09a ea9889f9c884Built-in Strong Magnet

Boasts a potent magnet for easy handling of small screws during delicate tasks like electronics disassembly.

2 b9f904d4 f9dc 4a0e 9edb 20af2e8db86b2 82bd6b41 e5bc 4a75 8b28 302e1151afd2Economical

Cost-effective solution for DIY enthusiasts, eliminating the need for multiple individual tools.

3 cf3d707e ebe2 43cd 9e5e d6aee8b6a8b33 c96c144a 5d57 4393 bdc1 931463fd2a6bConvenience

All-in-one set for various electronic products, home appliances, and daily items.

4 f89d6b88 9497 499c 8c6b 9995c266c2014 a51192be a8e5 4650 9861 325aa5b92784Time-saving

Reduces the need for multiple tools, streamlining your projects.

5 ab9eeaec 0870 44db 9c0c cf97d32ac5bc5 c590b394 6351 4089 a74d 367b32daf927Adaptability

Suited for different screw types and sizes, accommodating diverse needs.

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