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Vi-Shift - Crystal Clear Vision at Any Distance

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Product description

Everyone Can Enjoy Perfect Eyesight With Vision Pro

  • -6 to +3 Diopter Range
  • Individual Lense Adjustment
  • Full Focus Control

Exceptional Features

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  • Individual Focus Control

Each lens can be dialed separately, perfectly accommodating individuals with different eye needs.

  • High Wearing Comfort

Vision Pro glasses frames are designed to ergonomically fit your face for maximum comfort.

  • Adjustable Lens Technology

Vision Pro glasses can be adjusted to fit various vision needs from -6 to +3 diopters, as well as near and far-sightedness.

  • Anti-scratch Coating

Vision Pro lenses are protected by an anti-scratch coating, preventing any significant damage.

  • Super Easy to Clean

In order to maximize user comfort, Vision Pro are designed to repel dust and oil, making the glasses a breeze to clean.

  • Durable Frame

Vision Pro glasses are designed with your lifestyle in mind – durable to withstand traveling and being on the go.

One Pair Of Glasses For Every Occasion

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Many individuals with impaired vision end up relying on several pairs of glasses to live a comfortable life. Vision Pro adjustable glasses can be dialed to fit the user’s needs at any given moment, eliminating the need to carry reading, driving, and other pairs of glasses. This is especially useful while traveling or living in smaller spaces.

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Much More Than Just A Pair Of Glasses

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Most adjustable strength glasses on the market offer an exceptionally limited range of vision accommodation, sometimes only spanning over sever dioptres. This is not a good option for those with near and far-sighted needs. Vision Pro is designed to fit the majority of users of any age, providing one reliable pair of glasses that would fit every occasion and situation.

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HOW TO USE Vision Pro

Simple 3-Step Setup

eye step 01

Properly Fit The Glasses

Make sure the glasses sit comfortably on your nose at regular eye level. They should sit where you wouldn’t need to adjust them.

eye step 02

Adjust Lens Strength

Cover each eye one at a time and turn the dials on the sides of each lens to adjust the strength of the glasses.

eye steps 03

Enjoy Perfect Vision

That’s it. Now you can forget to need several pairs of glasses for every activity.


Optimal Eyesight Wherever You Need It Most

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