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Raw Batana Oil

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Product description

Revitalize & refresh your hair overnight

Backed by the herbalist Dr. Sebi, the invaluable properties of Batana oil – such as vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin K and D are Paired with essential fatty acids and collagen working to mend the damage done to your hair follicles due to years of harsh chemicals and heavily refined shampoos & conditioners

Promotes growth & restores hair follicles

Just as a plant needs nutrients to grow, your hair requires nourishment to thrive, that’s why our Batana oil is packed with essential fatty acids, minerals & vitamins that penetrate the hair shaft and nourish it from within.

Reverse balding and hair loss

Our formula that pairs Batana oil, castor oil & rosemary oil in tandem to improve scalp health is the perfect remedy for balding and alopecia.

Hypoallergenic & gentle

Perfect for all hair types

Crafted with non-toxic, non-irritating ingredients, Retzuu’s Batana oil ensures that all hair types stay away from harsh chemical compounds and allergens.

By using our Batana oil just once, your hair will feel hydrated & frizz free.

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