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Maggy Lashes™

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Product description
  • Effortless application & removal

  • Comfortable & lightweight

  • Wind, tear and rub proof

You’ve never seen lashes like these

Introducing falsie lashes that require no glue yet stay on all day.

Snap and apply, it’s that easy to put on.

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Applying lashes made easy

Designed for the lazy in mind, Maggy lashes makes applying magnetic lashes effortlessly easy.

They’re lightweight, wind resistant and look extremely real.

How to put on the Maggy Lashes

Step 1: Gently curl your lashes with an eyelash curler

Step 2: Apply one coat of mascara and let it dry (this helps them stay on better)

Step 3: Separate the magnetic lashes, align them & stick them onto the lash applicator.

(Look for a blue dot on the lashes, those go on top. The white dot lashes go on the bottom. If the colored spots are on the right side those are for the right eye, if on the left side, then they are for the left eye.)

Step 4: Position the applicator close to the root of your eyelashes. Lift the applicator at a 45° angle & gradually close the applicator until the upper & lower lash pieces sandwich your natural lashes.

To remove, gently pull the magnetic lashes off.

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