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Lazuli Pro - Healthier and comfortable feet with barefoot shoes (Unisex) (BOGO)

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Product description

Our Lazuli Pro : Function meets style

If you are looking for the optimal barefoot shoe that offers not only functionality but also contemporary design, Lazuli Pros are your choice:

  • Modern design: Style-conscious and contemporary, they blend seamlessly into any style of dress.
  • Recommended by orthopaedists: not only fashionable but also foot-friendly. Experts confirm the health benefits.
  • No lacing: quick to put on and take off without the hassle of tying.
  • Wide toe box: your toes have enough space for a natural and healthy foot position.
  • Breathable & quick-drying: ensures an optimal foot climate, no matter how intense your day gets.
  • Versatile: whether walking, training or everyday wear - always the right choice.


The best investment in your health

Muscular balance: our shoes promote the use of the entire foot musculature for stronger and healthier feet.
Prevention of incorrect posture: The natural rolling action prevents poor posture and promotes an upright posture.
Optimal pressure distribution: even pressure distribution across the foot, preventing painful pressure points and overuse.
Improved circulation: the barefoot feel promotes circulation and can reduce swelling and fatigue.
Natural gait: promoting a natural gait that reduces stress on joints & spine.
Improved ground contact: A more direct ground feel can improve balance and coordination. 

What do doctors & experts actually say about barefoot shoes?

Evolutionary design: For thousands of years, humans have moved around barefoot or with minimal footwear. Research shows that the human foot is naturally evolved to function without cushioned soles.
Studies confirm: According to a study published in the Journal of Foot and Ankle Research, barefoot shoes can improve muscle activity and foot mechanics, leading to a more natural gait.
Health benefits: Research by Harvard professors, such as Dr Daniel Lieberman, has shown that barefoot running can reduce stress on joints and reduce the risk of injury.
Unity of body and nature: Barefoot running is often associated with improved body awareness and an enhanced experience of nature. 

Why conventional shoes harm our natural gait

Restricted natural rollover: Raised heel profile and moulded toe in standard shoes lead to unnatural foot movement and uneven loading.
Passivity of foot muscles: Thick soles and unnatural shapes passivate the foot muscles and can lead to weakening.
Disturbance of balance: Thick soles dampen the feedback from our feet, impairing balance and proprioceptive awareness.
Increased risk of injury: Unnatural gait in standard shoes can lead to overuse injuries and other foot problems.


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