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Ivolvia Makeup Brush Cleaner

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Product description
Tired of washing our makeup brushes by hand? And of course, waiting for them to dry for days. Let’s bury this problem in history! Say hello to a brand new assistant that will speed up your makeup routine and ensure your brushes are clean and ready at all times!
  • Fits All Brush Sizes
  • Combat Acne with Ease
  • Convenient USB Charging
  • Portable and Stylish Design



  • Stay Clean, Stay Fresh

Let Ivolvia handle the dirty work! It zaps away bacteria and germs that build up on your makeup brushes over time. Neglect these nasties and you’re looking at potential skin issues. Yikes!

  • More Time for You

Say goodbye to the brush cleaning blues. Ivolvia’s got your back! It scrubs your brushes clean while you binge-watch your favourite show. Now that’s multitasking!

  • Your Wallet Will Thank You

Ivolvia helps your brushes last longer and cuts down on cleaning costs. No need for heaps of water, soap, or paper towels. It’s all about smart and cost-effective cleaning.

  • Glowing Skin

Show off your healthy skin! Ivolvia’s gentle yet thorough cleaning boosts the performance of your makeup and keeps your skin looking great.

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Cleaner Than Ever

With its motor spinning at 7000 revolutions per minute, it eliminates bacteria and germs from brushes!

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Easier Than Ever

So easy, in fact, that all you need to do is place your brushes and press start. Ivolvia takes care of the rest for you.

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Faster Than Ever

While you’re catching up on your favorite series, Ivolvia cleans your brushes in just 3 minutes. Hours spent cleaning brushes are now yours to keep!

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