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BareBliss Comfy & Discreet Leakproof Underwear

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High Waist LeakProof Panties SIZE

Don’t Let Incontinence Hold You Back

Incontinence is just another (common) bump in the road. Luckily, you can make sure it doesn’t stop you from enjoying life to it’s fullest.

With a discreet solution like Everdries, you can look and feel like you’re wearing regular underwear. Except now you’ll have the confidence of knowing no leaks will show through.

They’re absorbent, quick drying and feel amazing all day long!

  • Great for light to medium incontinence (holds up to 4 tsp of liquid)

  • Each pair can be worn for months while staying absorbent

  • Machine washable, hang to dry

  • Arrives in discreet packaging

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Live Like Incontinence Didn’t Exist

One of the toughest things about our new found bladder issues is they limit us from doing the things we once did.

Which is why we did everything possible to help you do the things you love, without having to make compromises.

We did this by making each pair out of 4 layers:

  • A super soft, moisture wicking lining to keep you comfy and dry

  • Two layers of absorbent, moisture-locking fabric to keep leaks away from you

  • And a leak-proof outer layer to make sure nothing ever comes out

  • All of which are made using Nylon, Spandex, Viscose and Polyester

Which may sound like a lot, but everdries are super comfy and almost as thin as any other pair of underwear 🙂

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