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Verticare™ Hip Brace

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Product description

A Faster, More Effective Way To Treat Sciatica & Hip Pain

If you’ve ever experienced sciatica or hip pain, then you are aware of how terrible it can be. It can give you the impression that there is nothing you can do because of the constant aching pain.

If neglected, this can result in more severe conditions including arthritis, dependence on painkillers, and potentially require risky surgery.

Using the power of targeted compression, the Verticare Hip Brace provides stability to the spine and helps to alleviate sciatica, hip pain, and lower back pain almost instantly.

Verticare Hip Brace

How Does It Work?

The Verticare Hip Brace uses proprietary Neo-Compression
Stabilizing Technology to relieve the pressure on the sciatic nerve,
reduce inflammation, and hasten recovery.

Some of its key benefits include increased blood circulation, reduced swelling, being soft on the skin, easy to wear, and staying in place without rolling or sliding.

Verticare Hip Brace

Developed & Endorsed By Professionals

Not only has the Verticare Hip Brace undergone internal testing, but it has also been distributed to numerous chiropractors for personal use and on patients with serious hip problems.

Most chiropractors have recommended it as one of the fastest and most efficient ways to get pain relief anytime, anywhere.

Verticare Hip Brace

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