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ReviveFoot™ Pro - Foot Care Redefined

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Say farewell to the hassle of manual foot care tools! Experience the luxury of spa-worthy foot care in the comfort of your own home with ReviveFoot Pro – our electric foot grinder! This is the answer to your cracked heels, callused skin, and the dream of flaunting your favorite sandals confidently. Elevate your foot care routine with a spa-like pedicure experience right in the comfort of your home. Witness years of dry, hard skin transform into baby-soft, smooth perfection in just minutes!

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  • Professional Pedicure at Home: Achieve spa-like pedicures at home, bidding farewell to cracked heels and welcoming baby-soft, smooth skin within minutes.
  • Premium Materials: Crafted with emery particles, our grind heads effectively remove dead skin without harming the skin, ensuring optimal results with daily use.
  • Comfortable Experience: The curved grinding head design swiftly eliminates hard skin on the heels, offering salon-level results in just minutes.
  • Convenient Installation: Simple press-fit installation makes it easy for users of all ages to replace grinding heads, promoting hassle-free usage.
  • Share the Convenience: Share the convenience with family and friends and enjoy silky-smooth feet together.


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Step 1: Remove from packaging. Ensure the foot grinder is fully charged before use.

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Step 2: Choose an appropriate grinding head (Superfine Quartz or Coarse Quartz) based on your skin type and needs.

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Step 3: Power on. Gently press the grinding head against rough or callused areas of the feet, moving in a circular motion for best results!

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Picture this – As you slip off your shoes after a long day, the last thing you want to feel is discomfort from rough, callused skin. That’s why you invested in ReviveFoot Pro. You used to dread the nightly foot care routine, but now, it’s become a cherished moment of self-care. With the gentle hum of the grinder, your feet are transformed from tired and achy to soft and smooth. You no longer hesitate to slip into your favorite sandals or barefoot walks on the beach. Thanks to the convenience of our foot grinder, you enjoy spa-quality foot care whenever you want, without the hassle of scheduling appointments or leaving your home.

Just a 2-hour charge, clean & dry feet, and a gentle glide of the grinder on heels, toes, and soles. Use the extra coarse grinder for heavy callus build-up and the superfine grinder for maintaining smooth and soft feet. Trust the performance backed by triple-tested quality and revel in the peace of mind. Your journey to invigorated starts now!


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