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Fluffy Donut Pet Bed

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Product description

Fluffy Donut Bed – Where Fluffiness Meets Serenity in Every Curl and Purr!🐾

Get ready to envelop your furry friend in the softest embrace ever – The Fluffy Donut Pet Bed! Crafted with the gentleness of a cloud and the fluffiness of a marshmallow, this isn’t just a bed; it’s a haven for your pet’s relaxation and tranquility. Prepare for your cherished companion to indulge in pure luxury and endless cuddles! 🍩 🐶 🐱

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But that's not all! This bed is a multitasker, offering a fluffy and ultra-gentle surface that’s softer than a cloud. It’s more than a bed; it's a soft nest, a cozy cocoon, and a delightful retreat for your four-legged friend, ensuring that your pet can relax and unwind in style.
Don’t let your pet settle for anything less than the gentlest embrace! Click 'Add to Cart' faster than a cat chasing a feather toy and elevate your pet's relaxation game to a whole new level. Remember, this isn’t just a bed; it’s an investment – an investment in your pet’s happiness, comfort, and overall well-being. Let your pet rest in style and bask in the fluffiness they truly deserve!


Available Colours:)


Intended for: Cats and Dogs
Material: 100% Cotton
Care: Hand Wash
Package Includes: Fluffy Donut Pet Bed
Colors: Green/ Gradient Coffee/ Coconut/ Black/ Light grey/ BlueApricot/ Brown
Features: Comfortable: PP Cotton filling. It feels soft and warm. Breathable Fabric
/ Stable with anti-slip bottom
S:40cm(15.75inch) Outer Diameter: Fit for Pets Up To 2.5KG/5.5lb

M: 50cm(19.69 inch) Outer Diameter: Fit for Pets Up To 5KG/11lb
L: 60cm(23.62inch) Outer Diameter: Fit for Pets Up To 9KG/20lb
XL:70cm(27.56inch) Outer Diameter: Fit for Pets Up To 17.5KG/38lb
XXL: 80cm(32.5 inch) Outer Diameter: Fit for Pets Up To 25KG/55lb
XXXL: 100cm(39.37inch) Outer Diameter: Fit for Pets Up To 27KG/60lb

Important Note:
Product is vacuum packed. After receiving the product, it is recommended to wait for 48 hours for product to fully restore it's shape and volume.

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