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2 in 1 Harness & Leash

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Product description
  • breathable no pull harness & leash

  • supports dogs up to 90lbs!

  • smart locking leash & saftey handle

How does it work?

The no pull dog harness has a built in retractable leash for easy transition from leisurely walks to playtime without having to unleash your dog. The auto-lock feature responds to sudden pulls, ensuring you have a quick control for safety

Size Guide:
Dog Harness and Retractable Leash Size

Enjoy comfortable dog walks with this all in one harness

Walking your dog sometimes has a bit of troubles associated with it, but our harness & leash eliminates all of that!

With a safety harnesstelescopic rope, and a stylish exterior, walking your dog has never been this comfy and fun for the both of you!

Retractable leash and harness all in one

Don’t you just hate it when leashes get all tangled up while your dog is walking, and you have to stop and fix it before your dog gets hurt? Well, our leash is attached to a telescopic mechanism that not only adjusts its length, but is also impossible to tangle!

Built auto-locking mechanism

The auto-lock feature reponds to sudden pulls, ensuring you have quick control for safety, It can easily be activated with a quick tug

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